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Insights from Research & Practice

Research underscores that early childhood development (ECD) is not just a matter of individual well-being; it’s a pilar for sustainable peace. This key developmental stage is backed by the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and profoundly influences a child’s long-term health, economic potential, and societal impact. Yet, not all children are granted the nurturing care they need due to social inequalities and mental health issues affecting caregivers. Such neglect perpetuates global inequities and undermines our collective future.

Evidence and Policy Briefings Documents

  • Policy Briefing Note

    Taking Action on the Safety, Well-being, and Development of Children in Conflict/Post Conflict Countries - Hanoz-Penney et al., 2023

    Image of Young Child Holding SOS Sign
  • Research and Practice

    Overview of the Early Childhood Peace Consortium’s Early Childhood and Peacebuilding Research and Practice - Hein et al., 2023

    Cover of Report
  • Policy Briefing Note

    Early Childhood Development and Its Promise for Peace - Hanoz-Penney, 2023

    Child showing UN SDG card